Welcome to Denver Balloon Decor! We are a local small business that provides several balloon services throughout the Denver Metro Area. Your event can be filled with delight as we were founded to help spread the joy that balloons bring. Our services are customizable to fit your needs for your event, making the life of hosting much easier. Balloon decorations, balloon sculptures, and party favors for every event and any occasion are available. Browse our gallery to view our latest work with examples of decor and balloon sculptures. Contact us for quotes on services.


  • Baby Showers

  • Bridal Showers

  • Kids Party

  • Corporate Events

  • Weddings

  • Mitzvah 


There are many occasions that balloons would be a perfect way to project your sentiment for the event. With our customization in design, your decor can be as whimsical or as sophisticated as desired. Balloon sculptures too have the ability to shape and change the overall feeling of an event as well. From the classic balloon animals that everyone remembers as kids to elevated deluxe centerpieces, our aim is to create what your heart desires.


For those who aren’t as well acquainted with balloons as we are there are some terms that may seem foreign to you in relation to the names of designs on our page or in general.  A very popular design for balloons is known as “organic balloons” and you can find this style available on our site. Organic balloons take on the character of many things found in nature. Instead of symmetrical structure of traditional columns, organic columns have curves like that of an ocean wave before it crashes into the beach or a blade of grass bending in the wind. To further mimic nature the balloons are clustered in various sizes instead of being uniform in size. In addition to the balloons themselves, there is an option to add greenery or flowers to the balloon pieces themselves. Lastly, the visuals of the organic decor have a beautiful color palette with varying shades of color. The beauty and elegance are well suited for bridal showers and weddings.


There are several different structures that can be used in designing balloon decor. A structure to showcase balloons that are currently favored by many is the balloon garland. Sets of balloons are tied to string or monofilament while often tapering in size like that of organic balloons.  When choosing garland as a design for your event you need to be aware that the garland needs to be anchored (command hooks may be an option or tape but nails may need to be used) being aware of venues policies can help when choosing what will be best for your design goals. We can work together in the process of developing a design.


Balloon Sculptures are another great fun way to incorporate a theme. These can range from small twisted balloon animals for a party favor or a much larger figure of a loved character or item.  A great option for when you would love to have balloon animals or figures for your guests, but don’t have the desire for a balloon twister is to have the pre-made balloons delivered to your event. Elaborate and custom sculptures can be used as party favors, centerpieces,  or as large free-standing decor and can be seamlessly incorporated for your occasion. 


With our range in balloon service, we will work to bring your vision into reality. Thank you for your interest in Denver Balloon Decor. Feel free to visit us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube for more balloon fun.